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Nowadays, science proved that inappropriate proportions of lightning can severely impact the human health and in particularly damages eyesight. According to the research in this domain, it’s a proven fact that poor lighting conditions can cause behavioral changes in human body and it can also lead to severe headache, eyestrain and pains due to the posturing of human body. And in some extreme rare case scenarios, it can also cause different variations of sight loss and skin burns. Now pertaining to these conditions, a dire need was felt to come up with something more innovative, efficient and health friendly. So that you can attain the desired illumination level without being conscious about the serious health and environmental hazards posed by the lightning options like the use of simple filament or 1157 bulbs which you had in the past. This article will be focused on a complete description of a modern day variation in LED lightning which are called as LED strip lights. First we are going to tell you about its basic features and how it works. Then we will move forward with its potential advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, we will tell you that from where you can purchase this quality product at most competitive prices.


Led Strip Lights

Technological advancements have revolutionized almost every walk of life. Because of such advancements we are witnessing more innovative solutions to our daily life concerns. From past few years, the use of flexible LED strips is seen to be risen. An LED strip light is simply a circuit board with numerous small LED emitters on it. You can tailor an LED strip light according to your required amount. Apart from that, you can also choose between different colors and brightness levels depending upon the situation where you want to utilize it. Normally, the electric circuit board has a width of approximately 10 mm and can be as long as 5 meters and above. Most types of LED strips can be cut and altered to the particular length which you need. An LED strip light comes with an adhesive backing on both sides. You just need to simply peel off the paper and then you can stick or mount the light on any surface of your choice. Many LED strip lights have the ability to emit various colors simultaneously according to the user’s preference. Due to its product design you can install it to almost every place and can hide it with utmost brilliance.


Benefits of using LED strip lights


·       Less electricity consumption

Like all other LED appliances, LED strip lights are also considered to be more energy efficient and consumes less electricity. The electricity consumption is measured in kilowatts (kWh). So if you use less watts then you will have to pay less amount in terms of electricity bills. A standard florescent bulb consumes almost 15 kilowatts of energy while a typical meter of LED strip light only consumes 7.5 kilowatts of energy. It means that LED strip light is more than 2X  energy efficient then a normal standard bulb. This makes them more affordable to use, and allows its user to go with much larger installations without the thought of ending up with an excessive utility bill.


·       Multiple colors scheme

LED strip lights offer many color spectrum. It means that you are not confined to only one color scheme. Instead you can choose from multiple options according to your preference and particular situational need. These LEDs are also available in the form of color changing RGB. This trait makes them suitable to be used in situation where user want to create an elaborative color changing effects. The most basic versions of such lights come with almost 16 different static colors along with 4 dynamic modes. Apart from this you can also use state of the art DMX system in order to create breathtaking stage displays.


·       Flexibility

The most attractive feature to buy this product is its utmost flexibility and ease of use. Traditional bulbs are considered to very fragile and unreliable because of their structure. Moreover, there are some limitations attached to the installation of traditional florescent bulbs as it cannot be installed conveniently at any place. But this is not the case for these strip lights. These strip lights are mounted to a ribbon of circuit board which can even endure if you bend it up to 90-degree angle. Apart from that, it can be easily installed to virtually any surface in very less time. So all of these traits makes it unique and one of its kind product.


·       Useful life

LEDs are also termed as SSL (Solid State Lightning). All traditional lightning options like normal filament bulbs shake and vibrate when electricity passes through them. But this is not true for LEDs. Unlike a normal bulb, these lights are static and don’t move when electricity passes through them. Because of this trait, it is highly non probable that there will be a fault and hence these lights can last more years than normal luminaries comparatively.


·       Less Heat emission and eco-friendly

The main problem with halogen and other incandescent bulbs is that they emit an enormous amount of heat during use. This can even cause major burn injuries and a source for potential fire hazard. Not only this, the excessive emission of heat also contributes toward global warming and environmental atmospheric degradation. But these LED strips produces comparatively less heat which makes them more environment and health friendly.



·       Discrete

Discrete means that the presence of these lights can be hidden in a well manner and only its light effect will be evident to the next person. LED Strip Lights lend themselves well to this type of lighting as they have a very compact design and will fit most places that other types of lighting cannot. Under kitchen cabinets, shelves, bookcases etc.



·       Easy to cut and Install

Installing strip lights is extremely easy and requires very little expertise. LED Strip Lights can be connected to a normal power outlet, or wired directly into a light switch. Moreover, a self-adhesive backing also means that they can be stuck straight down on to a surface without the need for mounts or brackets. Even if you don't have the adhesive, installing brackets is still very easy and far less hectic than installing a fluorescent tube for example.

LED Strip Lights are one of the few types of lighting in existence that can be cut. To many people think of this notion that it is difficult to cut the strips seems absurd. Cutting strip lights is both safe and can be easily achieved. They feature cutting points every 5 or 10 cm along their length which can used to shorten or separate strips according to need.

Misconceptions and Drawbacks associated to the use of LED strip lights

 There are some flaws which are connected to the use of these lights. The first is quite obvious that a high volatility in current or voltage can cause the whole strip to get burned as all of LED emitters are connected to the same circuit board.

 The next one is high initial price. Despite the many benefits that the LED lighting brings, some people may still not be willing to purchase the bulbs due to their high purchasing price. The price of LEDs has gradually gone down over the year, but it remains high for some individuals.


For example, a standard LED lamp costs between $10 and $40. This is way much higher as compared to incandescent bulbs or the CFL lamps that would cost between $3- $5 each. Although the LED is cost-effective in the long run, the difference in the initial cost may hinder many from changing from the traditional bulbs. But still most people don’t consider the high purchase price if they are getting a more durable, safe and multi-function product.

Lastly, The LED lighting is generally sensitive to the temperature levels of the surrounding environment. The efficiency of the LED lamp is directly dependent on the temperature levels. High temperatures within the environment will inhibit the proper functioning of the LED lamp. A heat sunk will be required to keep them functioning correctly to prevent the lamps from failing.


Good things always come at a cost. If you want to have something which is more convenient to use and can cater your needs in terms of efficiency or long term utility costs, then this product is for you. From this article, I know you now have a clear guide on the various pros and cons of LED lighting. LED lighting has often been installed due to high energy efficiency and enhanced safety. Energy efficiency is very important for a sustainable future so we must make deliberate decisions about how we consume energy and to devise methods through which we can reduce our carbon footprints on environment. Becoming energy efficient is just one of the many advantages of going green to save the environment.

 Start taking a look at LED lighting products from our array to find a perfect match for your home or business. We offer a wide range of illumination solutions which can save you from any sort of last moment hustle and bulk utility expenses.

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