3 LED Integrated Lights 24 Inch Silver, Dimmable Vanity Fixture, Alabaster Glass, 28 Watts, 2000 Lumens, 3000K Soft White, Energy Star

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Integrated Indoor LED Vanity W/ Silver Housing and Alabaster Glass Bells

With alabaster glass bell shades and silver housing, this Euri Lighting decorative bathroom light is an elegant addition to any home. Combining traditional and contemporary style, this three-light LED vanity casts a bright illumination in Soft White (3000K). Dimmable and Energy Star Certified, this LED fixture is fully-integrated and maintenance free and no bulbs to replace.

  • Rated for 35,000 hours 
  • Energy Star 
  • 2000lm
  • 120V
  • 28W
  • 87°
  • 3000K
  • Damp Rated



LUTRON: DV-603P 600W, S-600 600W, DV-603PR 600W, S-600PR-WH 600W, DVW-600PH-WH 600W, DV-603PH-WH 600W, DV-600PH-WH 600W, S-603PGH-WH 600W, S-600H-WH 600W, S-10PH 1000W, D-600RH-DK 600W, TG-600PH-WH 600W, TG-600PH-IV 600W, MAW-600H-AL 600W, SCL-153P-WH 600W, D-600R-WH 600W, S-600-IV 600W, S-600-AL 600W, D-600R-IV 600W, DV-603PH-WH 600W, DVCL-153P-WH 600W, S-603PH-WH 600W
LEVITON: 6684 600W, NO.6683 600W, 6631-LA 600W, IPI06 600W, LIGHT ALMOND-NO.6672 600W, 603-6631 A-600W, 6631-A 600W, 6631-LA 600W, WHITE  NO.IPL06 600W, White/Lvory/Light Almond-IPI10-1LZ 600W, 6683-10Z 600W, IPI06-1LZ 600W, WHITE NO.6631 600W
CTL: DM600-12-3 600W
ALMOND: LUXDM600-12 600W
AH: SDM3/1000/WHTTE 1000W, SDM/600/WHTTE 600W

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