Open Box LED Flame Wall Lantern (life like flickering motion) White Finish

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Blend traditional and modern style into one lantern that brightens up your home. Euri Lightings flickering flame lantern features lines and curves that offer a clean sophisticated appeal, while the glass finish beautifully enhances the radiance of the flame effect. Be astonished at the glow of its realistic flame bulb which unmistakably mimics the flame of an antique gas lamp.

Euri Lightings flame lantern lets you go a step above outdoor lighting. Each of our flame lanterns is equipped with dusk to dawn technology which means that at dawn your house becomes an alluring, attention-grabbing home, and at dusk, you get to enjoy a delightful atmosphere outdoors. Security and safety, are an integral part of our flame lanterns so you can safely enter and exit your home at night with the motion-sensing feature. This feature illuminates your home as soon as movement is detected immediately deactivating the flame bulb and turning the security light on. Rest assured your flame lantern will help avert burglars.

  • Dusk to Dawn Technology – Keep your home as efficient as possible, with dusk to dawn technology the animated flame bulb will immediately ignite when the sun starts to set – appearing as a traditional gas lamp and turning off as sunrise approaches.
  • Motion Sensor – Enjoy peace of mind knowing your entryway is always well lit when arriving home at night. The Flame Lantern will detect movement and immediately deactivate the flame bulb and activate the security light, creating a safe environment for your family.
  • LED Flame Bulb – With over 300 individual diodes, this unique LED Flame Bulb plays to an algorithm to emulate a real flicker flame, mimicking a true gas lamp from the days of old.
  • Integrated LED – With an Integrated LED Light Source, you won’t have to worry about replacement lamps ever again! Due to its integrated feature, this lantern has a better light distribution over a traditional bulb with a much higher efficacy and longer lifespan.
  • Water Glass Finish – This lantern was designed with a water glass lens to enhance your exterior decoration, while delivering an abundance of light to your garden, yard, porch or any exterior area in darkness.

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