100-Watt Equivalent 5.7 in. Round Multi-Purpose Retrofit LED Light Engine in Bright White (4000K)

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Made for seamless light output and hassle-free installation, LED modules are perfect for new or existing light fixtures. Once your existing incandescent, fluorescent or LED-integrated light fixture burns out, simply retrofit this MPLR (multi-purpose LED retrofit) into the fixture’s housing. By offering easy, toolless installation, installing this LED module is as simple as screwing in a light bulb.

Installing this MPLR eliminates the chore of replacing existing LED fixtures and retrofits incandescent fixtures while reducing unsightly hot spots. For optimal light output, AMC Lighting Outlet recommends retrofitting fixtures 16” or less in diameter.

  • Dimmable
  • 100W Equal
  • 120V
  • 1140lm
  • 16W
  • 180°
  • 4000K
  • Damp Rated
  • Connector Base

LEVITON: IPilo, DVCL153P-WH, CT-6ooP-BL, MACL153M, CPL06-10Z,
LUTRON: 6674-P, VPM10-iL, 6672-L, 6681, CTCL-153PD, S-6ooP, CF1000P,
CTELV-303P, LGCL-153PL, VP1-6-iL, PD-6WCL, VPM10, MACL153M

LEGRAND: 341107-01/15