Disinfecting UV-C Light and Cabinet Light with Safety Sensor

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These two 20 inches, 7.2-Watt, 6000K Visible LED light and 3.36-Watt, Disinfecting light are perfect for residential spaces of all sizes, from studio apartments to single family homes.

This light offers the unique function of surface sterilizing UV-A and UV-C light while you are gone, and a sensor activated bright visible LED light when you are home. The UV light only turns on when you are out of the room, providing regular sterilization of every surface the light touches.

Experience quality space lighting and the piece of mind that your surfaces are being sterilized, killing harmful pathogens while you sleep or while you are out of your home.


  • Use UV-C LED Technology
  • Disinfecting Cabinet Light
  • 6000K General Light
  • Safety Sensor
  • Sterilize the Bristles up to 99.9%
  • 20″ x 0.6″